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Woodford Reserve Kentucky Derby 1L

  • Producer/brand: Woodford Reserve
  • Country: United States (Kentucky)
  • Style: Straight Bourbon Whiskey
  • Size: 1 liter (1L)
  • Varietal: Primarily corn, along with other grains
  • Alcohol% / ABV: 45.2%
  • Smell: Caramel, vanilla, toasted oak, spiced fruit
  • Taste: Caramel, toffee, chocolate, black pepper, dried fruit
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Description Woodford Reserve Kentucky Derby 149 1L

Celebrate the spirit of the Kentucky Derby with the exclusive Woodford Reserve Kentucky Derby 149 edition. This straight bourbon whiskey embodies the rich tradition of the races, presented in a beautifully designed collector’s bottle that commemorates the event’s grandeur.

About Woodford Reserve

Woodford Reserve is renowned for its rich history and commitment to quality. Crafted in the heart of Kentucky, their bourbon is a testament to classic whiskey-making, offering a taste that is both sophisticated and complex.

About Bourbon

Bourbon, America’s native spirit, has a rich heritage rooted in Kentucky. Woodford Reserve Kentucky Derby 149 celebrates this legacy, offering a smooth, full-bodied whiskey perfect for Derby Day.

Tasting Notes

Woodford Reserve Kentucky Derby 149 is characterized by its rich flavors of caramel, toffee, and chocolate, with a spicy finish of black pepper and dried fruit. It’s a bourbon that stands out whether sipped neat, on the rocks, or in a classic cocktail.

Food Pairing

Enjoy this exclusive bourbon with strong cheeses, dark chocolate, or smoked meats to enhance its rich, full flavors. It’s also the perfect base for crafting an elegant Old Fashioned or Manhattan cocktail.

Special Edition

The Woodford Reserve Kentucky Derby 149 is a special annual release that celebrates the world’s most famous horse race. With its collector’s edition bottle, it serves not only as a superb bourbon but also as a memorable keepsake of the Derby’s storied history.

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