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Veev Açaí Spirit Liqueur 750mL

  • Producer/brand: Veev
  • Country: United States (Idaho)
  • Style: Sweet
  • Size: 750ml
  • Base: Presumably vodka or neutral spirit
  • Main fruit variety: Açaí
  • Alcohol% / ABV: 30%
  • Smell: Fruity, açaí berry, dark berries, tropical fruits
  • Taste: Balanced, dark berry flavors, sweet touch, smooth finish
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Description Veev Açaí Spirit Liqueur 750mL

Dive into the exotic flavors of Veev Açaí Spirit Liqueur, crafted with passion in Idaho, USA. This fruit liqueur brings the rich, distinctive taste of açaí berry to the forefront, complemented by dark berries and tropical fruit nuances for a unique and satisfying experience.

About Veev

Veev stands out in the world of liqueurs by introducing the market to the captivating flavors of the Amazonian açaí berry. With a focus on exotic ingredients and a commitment to quality, Veev offers an unparalleled taste experience inspired by the natural antioxidants of the açaí.

About Fruit Liqueur

Fruit liqueurs, like Veev Açaí Spirit, are celebrated for their versatility and the vibrant flavors they bring to cocktails. This sweet, fruit-based spirit is a testament to the innovative potential of combining traditional distillation methods with unique, natural ingredients.

Tasting Notes

Veev Açaí Spirit Liqueur showcases a perfect balance of natural açaí berry flavors, accented by subtle notes of dark berries and a hint of tropical fruit. The taste profile is sweet yet complex, with a smooth finish that makes it an ideal component in a variety of cocktails.

Food Pairing

This liqueur shines when paired with tropical and fruity cocktails, enhancing drinks with its rich berry flavors. It can also be enjoyed neat, on ice, or as a unique complement to desserts and light appetizers.

Additional Information

Veev Açaí Spirit Liqueur is a pioneering spirit known for its use of the antioxidant-rich açaí berry from the Brazilian Amazon. Embrace the blend of exotic ingredients like prickly pear and acerola cherry in this innovative and refreshing liqueur.

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