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Stravecchio Branca Brandy Riserva Speciale 1L

  • Producer/brand: Branca
  • Country: Italy
  • Style: Aged Brandy
  • Size: 1L
  • Alcohol% / ABV: 40%
  • Aromas: Dried fruits like hazelnut, walnut, almond, spices like vanilla and cinnamon, woodsy notes
  • Taste: Smooth, balanced, dried fruit flavors, spices, vanilla, wood, lingering finish
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Description Stravecchio Branca Brandy Riserva Speciale 1L

Indulge in the rich history and refined taste of Stravecchio Branca Brandy Riserva Speciale, an exemplary aged brandy from Italy. Crafted from a select blend of grape spirits, this brandy is aged in oak barrels to achieve its distinctive complexity and elegance.

About Branca

Branca is renowned for producing high-quality spirits with a dedication to tradition and craftsmanship. Their Stravecchio Branca Brandy Riserva Speciale embodies the brand’s commitment to excellence, offering a brandy that is both sophisticated and satisfying.

About Brandy

Aged brandy, like Stravecchio Branca, is celebrated for its depth and complexity. This brandy is a testament to the aging process, which imparts rich flavors of dried fruits, spices, and wood, creating a memorable and luxurious sipping experience.

Tasting Notes

Savor the intricate bouquet of dried hazelnut, walnut, and almond, beautifully intertwined with vanilla, cinnamon, and subtle woody undertones. The palate is rewarded with a harmonious blend of dried fruit and spice, leading to a smooth and enduring finish.

Food Pairing

Stravecchio Branca Brandy is versatile in its pairing, enhancing the enjoyment of chocolate desserts, coffee, and strong cheeses. Its rich profile also makes it an excellent base for sophisticated cocktails or an exquisite digestif.

Additional Information

Matured for over 15 years, Stravecchio Branca Brandy Riserva Speciale showcases the art of Italian brandy making. This exquisite brandy is a luxurious choice for those who appreciate the finer things in life, making it a perfect gift or a splendid addition to your liquor collection.

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