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Southern Comfort 100 Proof 50mL

  • Product Name: Southern Comfort 100 Proof
  • Brand: Southern Comfort
  • Type of Liquor: Liqueur
  • Country of Origin: United States
  • Region: New Orleans, Louisiana
  • Style: American Liqueur
  • Bottle Size: 50mL
  • Alcohol Content: 50% ABV (100 proof)
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Description Southern Comfort 100 Proof

Southern Comfort 100 Proof is a robust expression of the classic American liqueur, known for its unique blend of flavors and origins in the vibrant culture of New Orleans. This higher-proof version offers a more intense experience, preserving the rich, sweet, and spicy character that has defined Southern Comfort for generations.

About Southern Comfort

Created in the 1870s in New Orleans, Louisiana, Southern Comfort is a testament to innovative spirit blending. Its unique formula combines whiskey, brandy, and fruit and spice flavors, making it a versatile favorite in bars around the world.

About American Liqueur

American liqueurs are diverse in flavor but united in their inventive and bold approach to blending spirit traditions. Southern Comfort is a prime example, offering a distinctive taste that is both traditional and adaptable to modern cocktails.

Tasting Notes

The aroma of Southern Comfort 100 Proof features buttered almond, baked peach cobbler, herbs, toffee, and caramel popcorn, leading to a palate that bursts with rich fruity sweetness, notes of nuts, marmalade, and jam, finishing with a peppery kick.

Serving Suggestions

Enjoy it neat, on the rocks, or as a dynamic component of cocktails. Southern Comfort is particularly popular in drinks like the Hurricane and Fuzzy Navel, where its complexity can shine through.


The price of Southern Comfort 100 Proof 50mL is typically modest, reflecting its standing as an essential and accessible spirit for diverse cocktail applications.

Additional Information

  • One of the few liqueurs that offers a 100 proof variant, catering to those seeking a more robust flavor and higher alcohol content.
  • Its rich history and beloved taste make it a staple in both traditional and experimental cocktail scenes.
  • Whether as a warming shot or the base of a complex cocktail, Southern Comfort 100 Proof brings depth and intensity to any drinking occasion.
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