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Quetzalteca Tamarindo Tamarind 1L

  • Producer/brand: Quetzalteca
  • Country: Guatemala
  • Style: Tamarind Liqueur
  • Size: 1L
  • Alcohol% / ABV: 30%
  • Smell: Fresh and caramelized tamarind, cinnamon, vanilla
  • Taste: Sweet and tangy, tamarind flavors, sugar, spices, lingering finish
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Description Quetzalteca Tamarindo Tamarind 1L

Indulge in the exotic flavor of this quetzalteca licor, a unique liqueur that captures the essence of Guatemala’s rich culinary tradition. Crafted with natural tamarind and a blend of sweet spices, this liqueur offers a taste experience like no other.

About Quetzalteca

Quetzalteca is renowned for its commitment to traditional Guatemalan spirits. Their Tamarindo Tamarind liqueur is a celebration of local flavors, expertly combined to create a drink that’s both versatile and memorable.

About Tamarind Liqueur

Quetzalteca licor is a sweet and tangy beverage that’s perfect for those who enjoy the unique flavor of tamarind. Quetzalteca’s version blends this distinct taste with the warmth of spices, creating a balanced and inviting drink.

Tasting Notes

On the nose, this Quetzalteca licor offers a rich aroma of fresh and caramelized tamarind, complemented by hints of cinnamon and vanilla. The palate is greeted with a perfect harmony of sweetness and tanginess, leading to a finish that’s flavorful and lasting.

Food Pairing

This liqueur is a fantastic complement to a variety of dishes and occasions. Enjoy it neat or on the rocks, blend it into cocktails, or pair it with desserts like chocolate, fruit, or strong cheeses for an unforgettable taste combination.

Additional Information

Produced using fresh tamarind and a secret mix of spices, Quetzalteca Tamarindo Tamarind is aged to perfection to enhance its flavors. Whether you’re a fan of tamarind or new to this tropical fruit, this liqueur is sure to provide a unique and enjoyable experience.

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