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Mirey Merlot 750mL

  • Product Name: Mirey Merlot
  • Brand: Mirey
  • Liquor Type: Red Wine
  • Country of Origin: France
  • Region: Bordeaux
  • Style: Merlot
  • Bottle Size: 750mL
  • Alcohol Content: 13% ABV
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Description Mirey Merlot 750mL

The Mirey Merlot epitomizes the rich viticultural heritage of Bordeaux, France, with its lush profile of red fruits, including cherry, plum, and raspberry, harmoniously blended with notes of oak, vanilla, and spice. This Merlot offers a smooth texture and tannins, culminating in a lingering finish that resonates with elegance and complexity.

About Mirey

Mirey stands as a testament to the tradition and innovation of French winemaking. Specializing in Merlot, Mirey is dedicated to expressing the distinctive characteristics of Bordeaux’s terroir, producing wines that are both accessible and of high quality.

About Wine

As one of the world’s most beloved beverages, wine is celebrated for its vast array of styles and expressions. Merlot, known for its soft, velvety texture and rich fruit flavors, is particularly esteemed for its versatility and ability to reflect its region’s unique soil and climate.

Tasting Notes

Aromatic notes of cherry, plum, and raspberry mingle with oak, vanilla, and spice, setting the stage for a palate that echoes these qualities. Mirey Merlot delivers a balanced experience with smooth tannins and a finish that invites another sip.

Serving Suggestions

Perfectly complementing red meat, grilled meats, pasta with red sauce, and aged cheeses, Mirey Merlot is a versatile wine that enhances a wide range of dishes.


  • 87
  • Wine Enthusiast: 86

Additional Information

  • Crafted from hand-harvested Merlot grapes from Bordeaux’s esteemed vineyards, this wine is fermented in stainless steel and aged in French oak barrels for six months.
  • As a favored choice for everyday enjoyment, Mirey Merlot stands out for its approachability and value.
  • The price of Mirey Merlot mirrors its appeal as a wine that delivers quality and enjoyment at an accessible price point.
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