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Gordon’s Vodka

  • Product Name: Gordon’s Vodka
  • Brand: Gordon’s
  • Type of Liquor: Vodka
  • Country of Origin: United Kingdom
  • Style: Neutral Spirit
  • Bottle Size: 750ml
  • Alcohol Content: 40% ABV
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Description Gordon’s Vodka

Gordon’s Vodka is a finely crafted spirit from the United Kingdom, known for its exceptional smoothness and purity. Made from a meticulous blend of grains and distilled multiple times, it offers a clean and neutral flavor profile that is versatile for a variety of cocktails.

About Gordon’s

Gordon’s, a brand celebrated for its high-quality spirits, has a rich tradition in crafting superb vodkas. Utilizing advanced distillation techniques and charcoal filtration, Gordon’s Vodka stands out for its clarity and smoothness.

About Neutral Spirit

A neutral spirit like vodka is characterized by its purity and lack of strong individual flavors, which makes it an excellent base for both traditional and inventive cocktails. Its clean taste allows it to pair well with numerous ingredients.

Tasting Notes

Gordon’s Vodka presents clean and subtle aromas with a hint of citrus. On the palate, it is smooth and clean with a slightly sweet flavor, complemented by a light touch of citrus and spice on the finish.

Serving Suggestions

Enjoy Gordon’s Vodka neat, on the rocks, or as a versatile component in a wide range of cocktails. It pairs perfectly with fruit juices, soda water, and tonic water, making it a staple in any bartender’s collection.


The price of Gordon’s Vodka 750ml is typically between $15 and $20 USD, offering good value for a premium vodka that excels in both cocktails and neat servings.

Additional Information

  • Distilled from a blend of fine grains, ensuring a high level of purity.
  • Filtered through charcoal to enhance smoothness and remove any impurities.
  • A reliable choice for both everyday and special occasion cocktails.
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