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Don Q Cristal Rum

  • Product Name: Don Q Cristal Rum
  • Brand: Serrallés
  • Type of Liquor: Rum
  • Country of Origin: Puerto Rico
  • Style: White Rum
  • Bottle Size: 750ml
  • Alcohol Content: 40% ABV
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Description Don Q Cristal Rum

Don Q Cristal Rum is a pristine, smooth white rum produced by the renowned Serrallés Distillery in Puerto Rico. Known for its purity and clarity, this rum is a staple in both classic and contemporary cocktails due to its versatile flavor profile.

About Serrallés

Serrallés is one of Puerto Rico’s oldest and most respected distilleries, with a long tradition of crafting premium rums. Don Q is their flagship brand, representing a commitment to quality and sustainability in rum production.

About White Rum

White rum, often referred to as light rum, is usually aged for a short period and then filtered to remove any color, resulting in a clear, light-bodied spirit. It’s favored for its mild flavor and versatility in mixed drinks.

Tasting Notes

Don Q Cristal Rum offers clean and fresh aromas of citrus, vanilla, and honey, leading into a palate that is light-bodied and smooth with similar flavors, complemented by a dry finish. It embodies the spirit of the Caribbean with every sip.

Serving Suggestions

This rum is perfect for a variety of cocktails, such as Daiquiris and Mojitos, where its clean taste complements the freshness of the ingredients. It also pairs well with fresh fruits like pineapple and mango, and enhances savory dishes such as ceviche and pork marinades.


The price of Don Q Cristal Rum 750ml is typically between $20 and $25 USD, making it an excellent choice for cocktail enthusiasts looking for quality at a reasonable price.

Additional Information

  • Made from a blend of rums aged up to five years, ensuring depth while maintaining a light profile.
  • Filtered through charcoal for exceptional clarity and smoothness.
  • Recognized with awards and high ratings, affirming its standing as a premium white rum.
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