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Delola Spritz L’ Orange

  • Product Name: Delola Spritz L’Orange
  • Brand: Delola
  • Liquor Type: Sparkling Cocktail
  • Country of Origin: United States
  • Region: California
  • Style: Spritz
  • Bottle Size: 750mL
  • Alcohol Content: 10.5% ABV
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Description Delola Spritz L’Orange 750mL

Delola Spritz L’Orange captures the essence of summertime refreshment, blending premium amaro with the vibrant zest of orange and the exotic sweetness of passionfruit. This sparkling cocktail from California offers a delightful mix of aromatic citrus and herbal notes, balanced with a pleasing bitterness. Ready to enjoy over ice, it’s the perfect accompaniment to leisurely brunches, appetizers, salads, and seafood.

About Delola

Delola is renowned for crafting innovative and ready-to-drink cocktails that celebrate the joy of gathering and the art of mixology. Using quality ingredients and inspired combinations, Delola offers a modern twist on classic drinks, making sophisticated sipping accessible to everyone.

About Sparkling Cocktails

Sparkling cocktails, with their effervescent character, are a popular choice for those seeking a lighter, refreshing alternative to traditional spirits. Delola Spritz L’Orange exemplifies this category, offering a bubbly and flavorful experience that’s both invigorating and satisfying.

Tasting Notes

Experience the bright and enticing aromas of orange, passionfruit, and citrus, followed by a palate that echoes these flavors, enriched with herbal undertones and a clean, refreshing finish. Delola Spritz L’Orange is a testament to the harmony of its components.

Serving Suggestions

This spritz is a versatile choice for various culinary pairings, especially shining when served with brunch dishes, light appetizers, fresh salads, and seafood, enhancing the flavors and the overall dining experience.

Additional Information

  • Made with a careful blend of amaro, orange, and passionfruit, Delola Spritz L’Orange offers a sophisticated option for those looking to enjoy a high-quality cocktail with convenience and style.
  • A favored selection for both casual sipping and celebratory occasions, its popularity is a testament to its appealing taste and refreshing nature.
  • The price of Delola Spritz L’Orange reflects its premium ingredients and the enjoyable experience it provides, making it a valued choice for cocktail enthusiasts.
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