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Cockburn’s Fine Tawny Porto 750mL

  • Product Name: Cockburn’s Fine Tawny Port
  • Brand: Cockburn’s
  • Liquor Type: Port wine
  • Country of Origin: Portugal
  • Region: Douro Valley, Portugal
  • Style: Tawny Port
  • Bottle Size: 750mL
  • ABV: 20%
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Description Cockburn’s Fine Tawny Port

Cockburn’s Fine Tawny Port exemplifies the rich tradition of Port winemaking in Portugal’s Douro Valley. This medium-bodied Port offers a harmonious blend of dried fruits, nuts, and caramel, aged meticulously in oak barrels to perfect its distinctive character.

About Cockburn’s

Cockburn’s has been an established name in Port since 1815, renowned for its commitment to quality and tradition in the heart of the Douro Valley.

About Port Wine

Tawny Port is celebrated for its rich, complex flavors derived from extensive aging in barrels, leading to a smoother, more nuanced profile than its ruby counterparts.

Tasting Notes

The palate is treated to a sophisticated array of dried fruits, toffee, and spices, culminating in a long, satisfying finish that echoes with the warmth of spice and oak.

Serving Suggestions

Ideal with a cheese platter, chocolates, or nuts, Cockburn’s Fine Tawny Port can also be savored on its own as a sumptuous after-dinner delight.


The price of Cockburn’s Fine Tawny Port reflects its exquisite crafting and aged complexity, ensuring a premium experience.

Additional Information

  • Crafted from a selection of the finest red Port grapes, aged up to three years in oak barrels for a refined taste.
  • Blended and bottled with expertise, offering a classic Tawny Port for discerning palates.
  • Received high ratings from leading wine critics, affirming its place as a top choice among Port wines.
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