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Beringer White Zinfandel 1.5L

  • Product Name: Beringer White Zinfandel
  • Brand: Beringer Vineyards
  • Type of Liquor: White Wine
  • Country of Origin: United States
  • Region: California
  • Style: White Zinfandel
  • Bottle Size: 1.5L
  • ABV: 13% ABV


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Description Beringer White Zinfandel

Beringer White Zinfandel is a delightful white wine that captures the essence of California vineyards. It’s known for its refreshing taste and aromas of red berries, citrus, and melon.

About Beringer Vineyards

Founded in 1876, Beringer Vineyards is one of the oldest wineries in California, renowned for crafting wines that reflect the character and diversity of its region.

Tasting Notes

Savor the medium-bodied flavors of red berry, citrus, and melon complemented by a sweet and refreshing finish. This wine is ideal for enhancing any meal or celebration.

Serving Suggestions

Enjoy Beringer White Zinfandel with seafood, salads, and chicken, or savor it alone as a fine aperitif or post-dinner delight.


The price of Beringer White Zinfandel reflects its quality and the legacy of Beringer Vineyards.

Additional Information

  • Made exclusively from Zinfandel grapes for a distinctively California wine experience.
  • Aged using traditional techniques to highlight its unique flavor profile.
  • Winner of a Gold Medal at the San Francisco International Wine Competition, validating its excellence.
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