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Is Moscato a Sparkling Wine?

Moscato has become a beloved wine variety, particularly for its light, fruity character. But when it comes to bubbles, some confusion arises. Is Moscato a Sparkling Wine? Understanding the different types of Moscato will help you answer this question and choose the perfect bottle for your next gathering.

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Is moscato considered a sparkling wine

The answer to the sparkling question depends on the specific type of Moscato you encounter. Here’s a breakdown:

Still Moscato:

  • Characteristics: This variant is the most prevalent form of Moscato. It does not undergo the secondary fermentation process that introduces bubbles, resulting in a still, smooth wine that delights with its lightness and refreshing qualities.
  • Occasions: Ideal for casual drinking, especially in the warmer months, its sweetness and fruity flavors make it a pleasant companion for light desserts or as an aperitif.

Sparkling Moscato:

  • Characteristics: This less common type undergoes secondary fermentation, which gives it a subtle fizz. Known in Italy as “Asti Spumante” or “Moscato d’Asti,” these wines blend the inherent sweet, fruity notes of the grape with the excitement of effervescence.
  • Occasions: Perfect for celebrations, its bubbly nature makes it a festive choice for toasting special moments.

Beyond Sparkling: The Diverse World of Moscato

In addition to the traditional still and sparkling varieties, Moscato also ventures into more experimental territories:

  • Flavored Moscato: These are primarily still wines enhanced with natural flavors like peach, strawberry, or orange to create a more complex tasting experience.
  • Rosé Moscato: Combining the aromatic qualities of Moscato with the vibrant color and slightly tart notes of rosé, this blend is becoming increasingly popular among those who seek a twist on the traditional.

Tips for Choosing the Right Moscato

Selecting the perfect Moscato depends on understanding your preferences and the nature of the occasion:

  • Read Labels Carefully: Winemakers often provide clues about the sweetness, fizz, and flavor profile on the label.
  • Consider the Pairing: Think about what you’ll be eating. Still Moscato pairs wonderfully with spicy Asian cuisine, while sparkling Moscato complements desserts like fruit tarts or creamy pastries.
  • Experiment with Regions: Moscato wines vary significantly between different wine-growing regions. Italian Moscatos, for instance, tend to be lightly sparkling and sweet, while American versions might offer a bolder sweetness.


Whether you opt for a tranquil still Moscato or a vibrant sparkling version, this versatile wine has something to offer for every palate and occasion. Understanding the different types of Moscato not only enhances your wine knowledge but also ensures that you enjoy every sip to the fullest. Cheers to discovering your perfect Moscato and enhancing your wine experiences!

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